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A Passion for Pictures

My name is Katie Young and I am a Philadelphia based photographer.  I am a 2021 undergrad from Arcadia University with a degree in Photography.  
As a photographer, I am able to convey different topics and opportunities through each and every photograph.  For me, when it comes to photography, I work on capturing the good side of things. I represent what I see with my eyes, but present my views through the lens of a camera.  When looking through a lens, I am able to manipulate what an individual may see.
When it comes to who I am photographing for, I work towards capturing different images that everyone is able to relate to.  In the end, my work does come back to me.  Experimenting is a big part of my photographic process.  There is so much that can be done and explored with and it all starts with my ideas and my camera.  I photograph what I like and hope to share those images with you.

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